10 Benefits of Web coding development techniques

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Web coding development:

In our daily effort to promote user-centered design as well as the use of better web application development techniques, we have realized that the issue of coding adheres to standards constantly. This issue is important because it not only facilitates us to promote usability, it is a compliment, but it is also important because it helps us explain the benefits of the type of development we promote and follow.

The web standards for coding pages (dynamic or static) are basic rules of behavior of the “browsers” defined in the recommendations of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and which have been committed to following the main developers of “browsers”. As some of you may know, browsers based on the Gecko platform – such as the current version of Mozilla / Firefox and Netscape – as well as others based on the Konqueror platform – like the Mac Safari – really offer a performance that adheres to very high standards. Better than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (1), which is still very much failing to implement style sheet specifications (CSS – Cascading Style Sheets).web development

Following the rules of web standards, the primary objective in coding is to separate the content of the appearance by defining the structure of the page using XHTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language) and then defining its presentation through CSS. This separation is key to the development of content that is portable (that can be deployed in different devices) and durable (ready for the future). In this way we have 3 important elements:

3 important elements: Content, CSS and XHTML

Now you may be wondering why I should worry about changing the way I have coded for years? We present 10 benefits of coding according to standards:

  • Present your content in different artifacts. The same content can be ready to be presented in a variety of browsers or other devices such as cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and artifacts to read texts to people with vision problems. You just have to create a style sheet according to the use.
  • Improve performance the pages are much lighter (smaller in size) and therefore download faster because the content requires minimal code. All the code that was previously used to define the presentation is loaded by a single style sheet. A style sheet can define the presentation of an entire site and the user only has to download it once.
  • Serve all browsers. With little effort, one can pages that work in older browsers in such a way that user can have the best possible experience with the technology they have at their disposal.
  • Separate the content of the presentation. You can modify or completely change the content or presentation of the site without having to affect the other.
  • Build fluid pages. It is easier to code for dynamic content. For example, it is easier to create pages that can be accommodated regardless of the number of items they have as in a menu or on a page of a product catalog.
  • Confirm that your code is correct. Validation services for X HTML and CSS can be used during the development process to identify errors. This allows a better quality control and allows identifying when a page is finished when it is correctly displayed and also passes the validation.
  • Production inflow. The production is more efficient. It is very easy for an encoder to be involved in the management of content when only the designer understands where the content goes in that mass of code, which is a tedious job and for which this person was probably not hired. By adopting standards-based practices, the coder can assign simple rules to the content team and work in parallel.
  • Distribute the content more easily. Distributing your content for use by third parties is easier since the content is separate from any presentation rule.
  • Make content accessible it is easier to make the site accessible and comply with legal requirements such as Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of the United States.
  • Does less work write less code and it is faster and easier to achieve the desired results and modify the work over time.




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