The 10 most used social networks for digital marketing

digital marketing

Digital marketing

With the passing of time, social networks are transformed, which ends up influencing any digital marketing strategy because while some lose strength or relevance, others become more popular and, therefore, become more effective and convenient to use. This constant change forces agencies and companies to adjust their social networks plans so as not to be left behind and make the most of the benefits offered by the different existing platforms. Thinking about this situation, we have decided to present you with a list of the ten most used social networks currently in digital marketing, as well as a brief explanation of what makes them so effective and how they can be exploited. Another purpose of this text is to familiarize with various platforms in addition to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, which are usually the most used, but there are others that do not usually pay much attention but have great potential if given the proper marketing


With an estimated 1.6 billion active users, this network remains the most popular among the population, so their preference as the main digital marketing tool is understandable, especially due to the great number of possibilities offered for this activity.

PPC campaigns (Pay per Click), Promoted publications to reach a greater number of people, the ability to display ads through images or video and maintain close communication with followers are some of the features that make Facebook an essential network throughout marketing strategy.


Despite the limitation that this platform has to create messages with a maximum of 140 characters, 320 million users support it as a network that is important to serve. In addition to the immediacy that has characterized it since its inception, it has other options that are well worth taking advantage of, such as sponsored publications, the use of hashtags to exploit a trending theme or the creation of surveys with different purposes (market studies, promote a product, etc.)


It’s more professional-oriented profile makes this network ideal for creating campaigns that reinforce the image of any company and help it to forge working relationships with other companies in the same field. It currently holds an estimated 400 million registered users, an amount to which ads can be directed to present a new product or service or calls to recruit new staff to the work team.


It’s one billion visitors per month make this site the preferred one for the implementation of social networks for the digital marketing campaign, a format that year after year gains more strength and preference among the young audience, due to the freshness it represents. The opportunity offers for brands to create innovative and creative strategies.


As we mentioned in a previous post, this application has gained over the years an important number of users, making it an almost essential tool in any digital strategy. His way of appealing to the emotional side of people makes it an excellent medium for the creation of stories and other strategies with a strong emotional charge that attracts the attention of young people and with interest in current issues.

Google +:

Much has been said about this network and the loss of strength that it seems to have; however, the reality is that it has an important presence to this day and still maintains a considerable number of users (418 million), reason enough to take it into account. Being supported by Google, this platform offers a great option to improve web positioning in a said search engine. Its use is recommended for small and medium businesses.


Are you looking for a network focused on young audiences in which all kinds of formats (videos, images, audio, text, etc.) can be published in a fast, simple and attractive way? If the answer is yes, then Tumbler is the right option for it. Like Instagram, in appearance, it may not look like an optimal medium for digital marketing, but with the right treatment, it can be a very effective and entertaining tool.


Indeed, the purpose of this application is to act as a means for people to communicate with their contacts through text, file sharing or video calls but … why not use all this to develop a marketing strategy? It is not about falling into spam practices by indiscriminately sending messages with promotions to customer numbers -which is valid as long as you have the permission of the same- but to create campaigns where you are invited to participate through this platform.


Pinterest is a very favorable medium for the publication of infographics that attract the attention of people, as well as images and videos as happens on Tumblr and Instagram.


Podcasts can be a great medium for advertising campaigns and have long been popular among an audience that is usually very loyal to this type of broadcasts. On the other hand, with some creativity can be made audios that resemble those radio messages to which we are so accustomed, only directed to a specific audience. As you can see, there are multiple options to choose from and have much more complete social networks for the digital marketing campaign. The number of networks that are used will depend on the needs of each company and the audiences it intends to reach.


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