10-step guide to developing a website



Developing a website

  • Creating a website requires a clear and simple process that will help satisfy the client’s demands,
  • Who do not have much experience in this regard,
  • It can be a challenge to establish a standard formula that works for them,
  • So he presented a series of 10 steps to develop a website that you can apply effectively.
  • The development of projects and based on interviews with designers and developers
  • The web we have put together a 10 step guide to develop a website .

Communicating with the client:

  • Meeting physically or virtually with the client is the best way to know what you want, your ideas,
  • The expectations of the project and, above all, to negotiate from the beginning the budget you have assigned to the work.
  • It is an opportunity to show what you know and make your work process clear so that everything works from the beginning and there are no misunderstandings.

Create a brief:

  • Creative brief should contemplate the target audience of the client,
  • Its primary and secondary objectives for the website, the current brand characteristics, budget and deadlines that need to be met.
  • Find out more about the design brief.


  • Some designers prefer to submit proposals in JPG before touching the code or choosing the tools with which they will work.
  • This helps to define ideas better and not do extra work.


  • Establishing a web development contract at the beginning of the project is a good way to delineate the points of the process with prices and delivery dates with which the client and developer must comply.
  • According to the web designer it does not hurt to have this contract reviewed by a lawyer or other competent authority to ensure that it is in compliance with the labor laws in force in your country, and not to leave open gates that may ultimately harm you.”


  • This factor goes hand in hand with the creative brief; you must know how you will make what you have put in the contract happen and meet the demands of your client.
  • You must think about the devices that will be used to navigate the website, if you will make applications and contemplate all the factors it is important to define scheduling, set feasible dates, terms of agreement and mutual convenience for both the client and the developer.


  •  When you think about designing it means that several of the previous points you have already solved, then you can start to design the idea, work the logos, the details, icons, options menu and the whole concept of the design strategy.
  • It is important in this phase to consider the feedback of other people, including those of the same client.


  •  There are simple projects that do not require further development because you can use a template, but other projects force you to start from scratch and develop something more complex.
  • In this phase, you must define which programming languages ​​you will use and, above all, the appropriate tools, evaluate how big the project is to use one or another tool.

Define payment terms:

  • The idea is to charge in advance to the development of the project a significant amount, such as 1/3 or 50% of the budget.
  • However, sometimes the client’s conditions may vary and, depending on the situation and the cost-benefit ratio that you perceive, you may think that it is better to negotiate these terms in a different way.


  •  It is important to define from the planning if the launch will have a communication strategy .
  • In addition, you can evaluate the usability, accessibility and validate the site so that everything is adequate.


  • The designer after publishing the website, some changes or adjustments will arise for the client.


  •  In the contract should be considered the maintenance of the site, either because it is provided hosting service, domain or even a periodic payment for the maintenance of the site in terms of content management or simple changes.
  • It is important to make this part clear so that the client understands that a website does not stand on its own.

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