13 key factors For Google ranking

13 key factors For Google ranking

Key factors for Google Ranking

On page SEO(Search engine optimization) factors

Using Meta tags

Tags containing data about an HTML document. In terms of SEO, it is important to add the Meta tag ‘description’, meaning a description. This description will appear under the title of our site in the search results.

The “title” tag

The title of our page visible in the search results. It is important that the description and title tags contain keywords

Site map

AS the name suggests is a map that is used by Google robots when indexing a website. Of course, the lack of this document will not cause robots to crawl your site. However, if you do not want to be on the verge of seo, you must put it on the server and notify Google about it using Google Search Console.

Keywords in tags H1 – H4.

Internal links

URLs pointing to the next sub pages of our site. The more internal links a given sub-page has, the more important it is

Keywords in the URL

Of each of our sub pages.

Linking to valuable websites.

The published content is worth referring to interesting websites, where our reader can broaden knowledge on a given topic. This increases the quality of our content and also affects Google’s ranking.

The length of the page content  

That is the number of words on a given sub page. The content of a given sub page should exceed at least 300 words.

Website updates

Frequent addition of new content.

Descriptions of images,

The use of alt attributes – description of the image that will appear in the event of an error loading it and not appearing on the page. It is worth to apply keywords here as long as the description is related to the content of the image and the content.

Technical aspects:

The speed of the website, and its responsiveness, i.e. its attractive appearance and ease of use on a mobile device.


Off Page SEO factors

1. External SEO factors Back links, or links on other websites that lead to our website

It’s worth it that the sources of these links are the best and do not come from “zombie” websites (containing actually the same links / ads), or other spammer, low-value sources.

2.The authority of our domain and the length of time that has elapsed since its registration.

While not much can be done in the case of registration time, you can work on the authority of the domain. We have indirect influence on him, by applying to the w.w. tips, as well as watching the quality of foreign links and the level of “clutter” on our website. What can we do? We will take care of the domain authority, for example by blocking Spammer comments on the blog, as well as limiting the number of ads.


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