15 leading SEO trends for 2018

15 leading SEO trends for 2018

leading SEO trends for 2018

Best leading SEO trends for 2018 will surely lead to new directions in promoting sites, and some of the principles of work will be strengthened. What SEO trends and methods are expected in 2018? Let’s look in the near future and prepare for it.

Voice Search


Voice Search is 20% of all online queries. By 2020, this number may well reach 50%. We are at the junction of enormous changes on the Internet, which means new opportunities for SEO experts.

Voice optimization may require new methods because it differs from the usual way to work with Google. Instead of inconsistent words and incomplete phrases, users tend to talk using the actual, correct questions with which search algorithms will have to work. In other words, to promote the site, you will need to start optimization for a new type of “voice keywords.” LongTyle keywords that are in one of the six different forms (who, what, where, when, why, how) and the question mark are the keywords that you want to use to optimize for voice search.

Usability of the site


As always, Google will maintain sites that provide visitors with quality user experiences. Conversely, sites that are uncomfortable for visitors will have a low rating. As the quality of the sites improves, users’ expectations will also increase.

Using Google Analytics to track the behavior of users on your site, you can get an idea of how much they like the site. A high bounce rate may indicate that you may need to change something. You can improve UX on your site by increasing the download speed, making it user-friendly, solving technical problems and, of course, creating the best content for your visitors, this will help promote the site.

Use the Usability Assessment Tool to test your site’s visibility, and track their behavior on your site, which will significantly improve SEO.


SEO-content for visitors

Content will remain one of the most common ranking factors. However, Google’s policy is to provide users with the best that the Internet can offer, so the standards for what content is considered good should grow again in the New Year. The best way to outrank competitors’ sites that now occupy the first page of a search is to provide visitors with better information than these sites. The content that gives users the answer to their questions and solves problems is the kind that Google treats most. If you want to surpass the TOP 10 SERP sites, create content to compete with them. And, of course, your content needs to be optimized for search engines. This means that you need to place your keywords moderately in:

  • Tag title
  • Tag Meta description
  • Tag H1-H4
  • Image titles and alt tags
  • The texts

And last but not least: think about diversifying your content with LSI keywords that are semantically related to the main keywords you use. This gives search engines a better understanding of what you write and helps promote your site.

Be careful when creating links

Reverse links are one of the most important factors for website promotion and will remain in 2018. However, you need to be careful about how you get them. Earlier, in May, Google noticed an increase in spam links from guest posts and will likely closely follow the guest articles in the future.

Of course, this does not mean goodbye to guest posts; you just need to keep them within acceptable limits and not allow you to harm your brand’s reputation (make sure the guest post contains no more than one link to the sites that he wants to advertise). Instead of choosing one way to get referrals and using it until you get under the Google sanctions, get links from multiple sources (look in the competitor’s backlinks profile). Google will evaluate this kind of link building strategy much better. Google is committed to providing users with the answer as soon as possible. That’s why there’s so much on the first page: quick answers, “people also ask” … They are shown above all search results, so this space is called “zero position”, which is de facto a new one. If your site is already on the first page, it has the ability to take a place in the “zero position”

To do this, use the Schema code when creating a site. As extended snippets, as a rule, give answers to the questions “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “how”, they are attracted to being vocal search materials.

Improved CTR to compete with “zero position”

Zero Position offers plenty of space for advertising and extended snippets. However, this causes problems for organic SEO results. If the resource does not occupy a “zero position”, it can be difficult to find, even if it is in the first position in SERP.

Therefore, the goal is to increase the CTR of your site in the search results. Make it more user-friendly, so that all these fast-paced responses seem not to be good quality. Here are some helpful tips for quality site promotion:

  • Optimize titles and descriptions of pages. Do not make them long so that they are not trimmed when displayed in SERP.
  • Optimize your URLs. The line of letters and numbers at the end of the URL look like random. A person-to-understand URL that describes a page is a lot more appealing to users and deserves trust in your content.
  • Use numbered lists in your content, as well as numbers in the headings. A study conducted by Conductor showed that numbers increase the CTR by 36%, obviously, users believe in figures.
  • Use schema markup on your site. The extra HTML code on your pages is converted into additional bits of information next to the link of your site in the search results. Therefore, it looks more plausible.

Local SEO

For business owners, position 0 is the most convenient place to search. Extended snippets resemble billboards: capital letters, bright logo, address and phone number, a couple of reviews as a bonus – all this covers most of the space.

Of course, for local SEO you need more than just get into extended snippets. You need to send your website to Google My Business and the relevant business directories, optimize it for mobile devices, use keywords to determine your location, enable NAP transfers on your and other sites. NAP means Name, Address, Phone Number (name, address and phone number). This is an important factor in local SEO because search engines such as Google take data into account when determining which companies to show for retargeting searches. Creating expert content that meets the needs of your target audience and shows that you are not new to what you are doing is also a huge plus.

PPC in addition to SEO

Extended Snippets – Not the only thing that takes users’ attention from organic search results is also pay-per-click advertising. The number of ads will not increase in 2018, as the place for it will not change.

It all depends on the search query. Many of them immediately return organic results, making your site easier to find if it’s above organic. If the PPC results are in the top, then you have two ways to deal with this barrier: either try to rank in different keywords or capture PPC. Google has the best intentions when they show them first.

Monitoring and improving conversions

When your keywords are ranked higher than yesterday, it is always pleasing. This can only be compared to how your conversion rates grow. In order to have an adequate understanding of how well your pages are converted, you will need to attach the UTM tracking code to each of your major links and carefully look at everything in Google Analytics.

Heat card generators have proven effective in optimizing websites (we can confirm this). The tools to monitor user behavior on a page are exactly what is needed to add ratings and GA statistics. You can look at the thermal map and immediately see the weaknesses in the design of your site. Your call-to-action may not get enough clicks simply because they’re unnoticed! They may be below the tab or they do not even look like users should click, or maybe call-to-action is not effective and needs to be refined, this should be taken into account when promoting the site. Keep in mind that no tool can solve the problem of converting your site – it still depends on you. But he can quickly point you in the right direction and save a lot of time.

Fast and adaptive mobile sites

They drive more traffic to websites. There is also a priority index for mobile. He will play a new, vital role in ranking websites, although Google hides when they plan to release it. But when this happens, sites will rank according to the user experience provided by their mobile versions. The lack of a mobile version is a catastrophe for your SEO. Therefore, make an adaptive design of your site as fast as possible. The usability tool of the site from checks the convenience of using your site on different devices and gives you tips on how to improve it.


A high download speed is a fantastic thing in general, and not just for mobile sites.In 2015, Google launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages project, and it has become a great help for webmasters who want to accelerate their sites. The AMP page is very easy for the code: minimal HTML size, optional CSS usage and no JavaScript at all. Less code is less work for browsers, so the page so created is downloaded instantly. If your site has pages that work without an AMP standard code, think about it when you are promoting the site.

Optimize the image for a new, powerful visual search

Most search engines have image search functionality, but unfortunately, they do not work perfectly. Search engines can and want to improve it, as evidenced by the steps they take to improve the capabilities of the visual search. Both Google Lens and Interest Lens can produce results based on photos of any random thing. This is another two unique “search engines” for optimization in the near future.

Think about making your images accessible to social networks. It helps your SEO and in general, a potential backlink pointing to your site. Remember that nicknames, curses, and comments to social network posts that link to you will be counted for SEO purposes as backlinks.


Google has approved secure connections and made them a ranking factor in 2014. They noted HTTP sites as unprotected in Chrome, which frightened users who saw it. Is your site still on HTTP? Then your ratings are not as high as they could be.

Earn trust in your audience through brand building

Most users do not like to view other pages in the issuance of Google after the first. If there is nothing on the first page, it does not exist for them at all. Does this mean that your site will definitely begin to receive clicks when it hits No. 1? Not necessarily, as there are other options on one page. But your chances will increase significantly if your brand becomes more famous. Creating a brand is an integral part of any long-term SEO strategy. Content, goods, services, or something else – make efforts to give the best to others and earn a good reputation in return. Social networking is a great place to communicate with your audience for feedback. And, of course, watch the reviews of your brand online, so that dissatisfied feedback does not slip away from your attention.

The more people learn about you, the more good reviews will be about you, and it’s great for your business goals and for promoting the site as a whole.

The video content is becoming even more popular

The Internet is delighted with video content. A study conducted by Hubspot found that 43% of users wanted more video content online, and it is expected that by the year 2020 it will reach 80% of all online traffic. If you still do not use YouTube and other video hosting platforms to enhance brand awareness and attract visitors, do it now.

Meanwhile, YouTube has now become so big that users have entered queries without ever turning to Google. To prevent it from being surpassed, Google has included YouTube videos in search results, and it’s not uncommon to see them on the first page. In other words, you can force two influential search engines to fight for you.

And since the video content is so popular, you have other options other than YouTube. You can simply embed the video directly into your site and encourage users to spend more time on it – another reason for Google to evaluate your site higher. It is very important to use powerful SEO tools. Your campaign depends on your ability to measure progress and identify problems before they cause long-term damage.


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