5 Reasons to Reject Adaptive Design

Adaptive design

Best Reason to reject Adaptive Design

Adaptive design

Adaptive design is a popular web design, but is it suitable for you?

Today, it’s worth talking with a web designer about creating a mobile site, as it already encourages you to make a website with an adaptive design. But something that’s good for developers may not fit you.

If you are thinking about creating an adaptive site, the following text will help you make the right decision.

1.”Begin with the mobile version”

Mobile version

Externally, this is a harmless tip, but the truth is that design should be designed primarily for users.

For years, I’m convincing entrepreneurs that, although they also need content that is optimized for search engines, Google will never become their customer. It is necessary to write texts, focusing on the ideal client, and only then to check, “understand” their search engines.

The same rule applies to mobile web design: first design for users, then for the platform. Just remember that a mobile device user can solve tasks (address, phone number) other than what the same person is doing while sitting at a computer (the deeper study of web resources).

  1. Often adaptive design leads to an unjustified increase in site download time on mobile devices

The RWD concept implies that users of all platforms receive the same content optimized for specific screen resolutions.

At the same time, the website may have a lot of information to show which mobile users do not need. However, it is loaded automatically as soon as they enter the site, and often it occurs in a place with a weak cellular signal.

A long page with one (or even two) side columns, which looks great on the desktop screen, on the narrow one in a single column, the phone screen turns into an exercise that flickers away from. As a result, users have an unpleasant impression of using a mobile resource. Images optimized for desktop computers are another problem.

  1. Users will not be able to view the full version

It allows visitors to view the desktop site bypassing the style sheets for the mobile version.

We, experts in the field of RWD, are self-confident as if we know better what users need. And if the designer did his job, the need for the full version of the site disappears.

However, even when it comes to the amazing new world of mobile devices, many people still prefer desktop sites. This is especially true for sites with a high proportion of returnees. Why not give them the opportunity to view the full version?

  1. You have a great site

For sites that are already effective enough, there are better alternatives. You can create a mobile site (which, of course, has its drawbacks) to save an existing resource in its current form, and simply redirect Smartphone users to the mobile version of the site.

You can install the WP-Touch plug-in for a Word Press-based site (this popular CMS employs every sixth site in the world). The new media site uses this plug-in to make browsing the site more user-friendly for mobile users.

As a designer, I’m not a fan of ready-made solutions. But you can always ask a web designer to design a more attractive design theme that is appropriate to the company’s corporate identity, as we did. And with the release of WP-Touch Pro, it was possible to develop user-oriented services for tablets.


  1. Mobile traffic for your site is small

Certain industries can expect a serious inflow of mobile traffic in the near future (for example, travel portals, online stores, and news sites). However, in other industries, entrepreneurs will have more time for maneuver. The only way to find out the exact numbers is to log in to Google Analytics and see how much traffic your website receives from mobile visitors and how fast their number grows.

However, if you do not plan to undertake the capital reconstruction of this site this year, it will be more reasonable to limit it to temporary measures and to spend on marketing purposes for other purposes.


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