Cloud computing

Cloud computing

  1. Cost reduction

It is demonstrated that with the management from the cloud a business can save between 20% and 30%. On the other hand, the company can focus exclusively on its activity without having to devote time and resources to technological maintenance, which can sometimes be tremendously expensive. SMEs lose up to a month of work per year for the repair of equipment that fails, a clarifying fact that gives us an idea of what the maintenance cost can mean for a business.

  1. Mobility

Mobility has become a great competitive advantage, both to work or serve customers from anywhere, as well as to favor the labor flexibility of a worker who can organize all their activity without depending on an office. Simply having an Internet connection is enough to access the applications or information. In addition, the documents are hosted in the cloud, not in individual computers, therefore different users can share them or work on them without having to be physically together. According to different studies, companies that take advantage of mobility and collaborative work, increase their income by 50% on average.

  1. Payment for use and expense under control

 Cloud computing is based on pay-per-use models. The company hires only the services it needs at any given time and they have the possibility of adjusting the expenses to their real needs. The client adds or eliminates services depending on what it requires, avoiding having to invest in its own infrastructure that would eventually become obsolete. In other words, pay for what you need and when you need it. If certain days of the month require more capacity or data storage, simply expand your services online and instantly.

  1. Technology always updated

Being able to always enjoy the latest versions of the software and the most modern applications until recently was a “luxury” only available to large companies. With the cloud, the client ensures an always updated and optimized technology.

  1. Unlimited storage capacity

Large amounts of data and the cloud offers virtually unlimited storage. For example, if your computer has 500 gigabytes of hard disk, keep in mind that this is infinitely small compared to the terabytes available in the cloud.

  1. Respect for the environment

Although cloud computing is almost always talked about in terms of profitability or productivity, this point is also very important. Making use of the cloud reduces the carbon footprint of a company by saving resources that go from being stored in physical components to being virtual. This means a considerable saving in energy consumption, which translates into important benefits for the environment.

  1. ‘The latest’ in computers

Computers with smaller hard drives, less memory, and processors. For example, in this context, a computer would not even need a CD or DVD drive, since it does not require installing programs and the data or documents do not need to be saved on the hard disk either. In addition, with fewer programs monopolizing the computer’s memory, the PC will perform much better because it has fewer processes loaded.

  1. Security

In the cloud computing environment, the user does not worry about backups because the cloud performs them automatically and with secure encryption, proof of any hacker attack. Unlike traditional computing, in which any failure in the PC can destroy all data, in this environment, if the computer’s disk stops working that would not affect your data. And putting something less “drastic”, if it is simply the case that the computer is blocked, all data will remain in the cloud and fully accessible from another device


One of the most important advantages is that the cloud service allows small and medium enterprises to be in the same conditions as the large ones, promoting a more just and equal market in access to technology and this balances the “playing field”. We live in an increasingly virtual world, perhaps the time has come to evolve also in SMEs and rethink if the computer equipment, no matter how advanced, can compete in price and efficiency with the enormous capacity and cloud computing services “to the letter “that offers a good data center.Cloud computing




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