The 9 requirements to create a website


Requirement to Create a WEBSITE

The 9 requirements to create your website successfully, when we are going to start a website,

  • Where do we start?
  • What type of domain should I choose?
  • How long does it take to complete a web project?
  • What are the costs of the web project?
  • For this we will analyze what we consider the 9 requirements to create a successful web project.


Domain registration

  • This is a topic that although it seems simple you should devote your time because of the importance.
  • We are telling users and search engines.
  • Without going into many details, to choose the name of the domain but you have it clear
  • This name is not very identifying in relation to the products or services that you offer in your company
  • You can choose other options for the name.
  • Name for the domain or brand that includes the keyword with which we want to position ourselves (branding).
  • Both options have their pros and cons; you can find more interesting information about it here.


 Web to be made

  • This point is logically essential to have it clear before choosing the hosting as we will now explain and why we should know what the purpose of our website is.
  • So we must decide what kind of web we are going to develop
  • If it will be a simple informative web to have an internet presence
  • Which will be enough for us to be a static page
  • If we are going to develop a blog or a commercial website that we want to update with news
  • Services in which case we will choose a dynamic website,
  • In any case it is the most important point because it will depend on everything following,
  • There are a few and each of them is used for a different type of web
  1. Word Press
  2. Prestashop
  3. Magento
  4. Joomla
  5. Drupal
  • You can find more information on our blog talking about the advantages and defects of each one of them to help you settle for one in particular.


Contracting of Hosting or Web Hosting

  • It is fundamental especially for the requirements that must have so that it can support the hosting of our web project according to its characteristics (programming language used, if it has a database, flash objects, JavaScript).
  • Therefore, before starting the project, we must already know at this point what type of web project we are going to carry out (an online store, a dynamic or static commercial page, a custom project)
  • Depending on the characteristics of the project. Let’s know which servers meet the requirements to host our website and see what each of them offers.
  • It will depend on us to see the best option depending on the price, extra services offered
  • Quality of customer service and response time when a problem occurs on our website for all this it is so important to choose a good server or hosting even
  • If it is somewhat more expensive than of low cost, especially due to our experience,
  • We would value the customer service and the speed of response in the event of a crash or hacking or similar to our website and the load time because it affects performance and positioning.
  • As you see a priori is not very important in terms of the positioning of our website but this is not entirely true,
  • Because if we have a good server that has just falls and quickly solve the problems
  • Google will value very much our website as it will hardly suffer server fall and we will also have more than acceptable load times.
  • They are two points in our favor for Google and quite important.


What legislation must be met?

  • Depending on the type of website we make, a series of requirements or others must be met.
  • The data protection law is not the same for a business website as for an online store.
  • All this must take into account and advice you correctly because in recent years the LOPD has been serious about this issue and thus avoid unpleasant surprises that can cost us quite economically speaking.

Development of web design

  • It is the visual part of the project, so it is essential to have a good design for our website.
  • We do not mean only that our website has a good graphic design that makes it very visual and attractive
  • Which is also important because it is the first thing that comes through the eyes but rather that our website meets the usability requirements
  • This good optimized to not slow down the loading time, be functional and easy to navigate for users all this kind of things that are fundamental for users.

Content of our web

  • How we introduce the content on our website and what kind of content we introduce is basic to capture the attention of our potential customers
  • To position better or worse depending on the same etc etc, it must be so important and we consider it a fundamental requirement.

Write extensive and quality content that always contributes more than the competition.

  • Insert images, videos, attachments … extras to complement the text and make it more enjoyable,
  • This to Google and the search engines love and users also because we do not read but scan and go straight to the things that call our attention
  • So example if you have the possibility of making a company video or info graphics explaining your services are good ideas, instead of so much text.
  • And insert the Alt and Title attribute with the same name that you put in the image.


Security of our website

  • Very important factor to prevent hacker our web,
  • So it is essential to have a good server that makes our website is sufficiently protected with firewall and also have a maintenance service or updates
  • To prevent this type of attack or if we suffer have a service that intervenes to solve the problem.

SEO / Positioning

  • It is worthless to have the best website in the world if we cannot position it well because people will not know us and will not be able to see the services or products we offer.
  • In recent years people have taken very seriously the issue of the positioning of their website due to the great competitiveness that exists in Google to get out in the best possible position,


Natural positioning or SEO.

  • It is slower but if it is done correctly in the long run it is more profitable because Google positions us naturally and it is very difficult for us to fall from the positions we are winning.
  • You will be noticing how the visits are increasing little by little but always upwards if you develop well and with the appropriate criteria
  • Not breaking any requirement that Google says.


Payment positioning or SEM (Ad words).

  • It is faster and more efficient for certain campaigns, we will see depending on what credit we get as visits to our website increase considerably,
  • Once the credit runs out we will return to the position we had, with a number of visits similar to what we had previously had to the campaign.
  • The best thing is to combine both, by asking, and hire an expert SEO company,
  • Unless you yourself want to test yourself, which is not advisable if you do not have knowledge.

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