What is Adaptive Webdesign or responsive webdesign?

Adaptive webdesign

Adaptive Webdesign

An Adaptive webdesign or responsive web design  is a method of creating websites with which a page is displayed correctly regardless of the device used to view it. The reason that adaptive design is increasingly important has to do with the great growth in the use of mobile devices, whether they are mobile phones or tablets or laptops (devices that are sometimes referred to as horizontal screens, as opposed to mobile devices). desktop devices, which are called vertical screens).

The purpose of a RWD is to offer the best possible browsing experience, especially for easy usability and reduced scrolling.

Why should consider an adaptable web design

If you have a company website, be it local, national or international, you should know that your customers and your potential customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to surf the Internet. If your website is not adapted to them, they will feel dissatisfied and leave your site. In addition, currently having a website adapted to mobile is a ranking factor for Google. This means that when Google reviews your website to determine in which position of your listings you will find, one of the factors that will take into account is if it is displayed correctly on mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly, it will not be included in the mobile search listings and it is quite likely that it will also be penalized later in the main search listings (from desktop devices).

How can I switch to adaptive design?

If you have already checked your website and discovered that it is not adapted, you have several options at your disposal, depending on your budget and the content management system you are using. If you are using a CMS like Word Press, you can evaluate the possibility of changing to a Adaptive webdesign. There are numerous pre-designed Word Press templates that are already adapted to mobile and are easy to install. If you decide to follow this path, you should go to a Word Press developer and make sure you have a full backup of your website in case something happens during the change and you need to restore the previous version. If you use a web page creator, there are also a lot of responsive templates to choose from. Again, make sure you have a full backup before you start.

What are the advantages of an adaptable design?

Using a Adaptive web design has a lot of advantages. First and foremost, you are guaranteeing the future of your website. Internet is becoming mobile, so the sooner you adapt your website, the better.

You will also improve your SEO, which means that you will get more traffic to your website because you will be offering your visitors a better browsing experience, which will also translate into more conversions (for example, more sales).

This also affects local SEO because many people are not at home when they look for you, but they are out there with their mobile phones and tablets.

The same goes for ecommerce websites: if you want more online sales, a Adaptive web design will reduce the bounce rate and improve conversions.

Reduce the complexity of your website because in this way you get a site to work on all devices and you will no longer have to create and maintain several separate sites for each device.

Disadvantages of adaptive design

All achievements require a sacrifice and the main factors that you will have to take into account are the cost and time to devote to convert your website into an adaptable site.Adaptive webdesign


There are other options such as adaptive web design but this involves a great redesign work. A cheaper alternative, which is also quick to implement, is to use a mobile website creator. This allows you to create a basic version of your website with your logo and simpler pages.

Using a mobile web browser is easy. You will need to add a small snippet of code to your main website and when someone visits your website, it will be detected from what device it is doing, presenting the mobile version if necessary.


Internet is becoming mobile. Websites that are not adaptable do not achieve the same results as those that are. Google gives preference to mobile-friendly sites, so this is an important factor to consider. Adaptive webdesign is a way to create a mobile friendly website, which appears optimally on any device used to navigate it. If you need to move to a responsive web design, you can consider buying a pre-designed template adapted to mobile phones to reduce costs and complexity.



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