The Basic 10 commandments of Web design

Web design

Web Design:

Creating a web design is a great opportunity to showcase your creative abilities. The desire to create your own-unique-unique something, or to invent a new way to interact with visitors to the site, can blind even the most promising newcomers. In this case, the natural tendency to design is an undoubted advantage, but its misuse can lead to catastrophic consequences.

The following 10 commandments will help you adhere to the basic principles of web design:

  1. Love your user as yourself (and even a little more)

Web design

Do not forget that you create a site for users, not for yourself. Of course, you will enjoy working on the site, and the final result will benefit you, but the web design of the site should be user-oriented. Too “heavy”, oversaturated design can frighten even the most interested user. The same rule applies to the design of the navigation menu – the interface of the site should be intuitive and convenient. When web design a site, you need to be guided by the principles of usability (UX – an improvement of user experience), and not by your own guesses, even if it threatens to refuse the use of buttons of your favorite color and size.

  1. Create an image from your idol

An inferior image can truly discourage the client from continuing to explore your site. Use images of extremely high quality, and pick only those that naturally combine with the atmosphere of your web design site. Enough of one template photo to ask your professionalism questions.

  1. Attention concreteness





Each site must have the main motto. Focus your efforts on formulating one clear and effective call to action. Do not distract site visitors with too much animation or cumbersome image galleries. You do not want the motto carefully crafted by you to remain unnoticed. In addition, the big headlines are now in the fashion, so go ahead – call the users close-up action!




  1. Do not use the font of your neighbor

Use the fonts that best suit your needs. Ideally, it is advisable to apply one single font on all pages of the web design site. If you cannot resist the desire to diversify, use two fonts, no more. Using more than two fonts on one page is excessive.

  1. Let there be a color


Choosing the right color will help you achieve two main goals: creating harmony and getting the desired effect. Each color causes a special reaction in the human brain. Try to choose a color that will fit the overall “mood” of the site, and the feeling that you want to create from a random visitor is rolling out. After defining the main color, select the appropriate color palette for a harmonious combination.

  1. Join into an alliance with social networks

    social media

Today, presence in social networks is simply necessary. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are indispensable means of developing engagement with the audience. Place links to relevant accounts on the site on social networks, and vice versa – attract social users. Networks to your site. To increase the visibility of your site on the web, you need to take care of registering it in web directories

  1. Remember the download speed

Time to download a site is one of the most important factors that are often neglected. Users will not sit back and wait for the site to boot completely, and Google understands it perfectly. As recent studies have shown, a delay of half a second can greatly affect the success of the portal. Moreover, search engines take into account the download speed of the site in their ranking algorithms; as should be expected, preference is given to faster sites.


  1. Six days of work, on the seventh day, optimize SEO


To get a good ranking, you do not need to be a professional SEO optimizer (SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimization). Find relevant keywords and place them in the appropriate places (Meta tags, description, address and content of the site) – this will force search engines such as index and Google to draw your attention. Do not abuse keywords, as it affects the position of your site in the delivery of search results is not for the better.

  1. Let you have an appropriate address

The address of your web design site or its URL is important not only for search engine optimization. Make sure your site is as short as possible, easy to remember and includes keywords. Before choosing a URL, it’s worth taking that seriously and thoroughly.

  1. Try again

Nobody is perfect. Even if you are satisfied with the end result, feel free to ask the opinions of your loved ones. Give one of them testing your site and listening to his wishes – you will be surprised at the effectiveness of this technique. Experiment; create different sites, change text, colors, images, and apps until you reach the desired result.


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