The 4 main benefits of remote monitoring

remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

The incidents in the technical equipment can be harmful to any business, but especially for small and medium enterprises. Whether it is a health entity, a manufacturing or construction company, the reality is that many small and medium-sized companies do not have large technical departments available 24 hours a day throughout the year to solve problems that may reduce productivity. However, with remote monitoring, these organizations are able to respond effectively to multiple offices and problems. In essence, remote monitoring allows companies to remain competitive and viable in today’s global economy.

Entrepreneurs and directors are always looking for new solutions to make their companies as competitive as possible. In the current market, dominated by IT companies, a fast and efficient network is essential to make viable any organization regardless of its size. While many companies face a situation with limited resources and a real shortage of talented technical personnel, the remote control is presented as an effective solution that minimizes their efforts and expenses to achieve the desired results, and most importantly, reduces the costly inactivity time.remote monitoring

benefits of remote monitoring

Saving time and improving efficiency

Remote monitoring increases overall efficiency by saving time and reducing costs, so that organizations can allocate their valuable resources to other tasks, instead of doing face-to-face monitoring and preparing inventories of companies’ technical assets manually. With automated technical asset tracking software, all computers monitored on the network are visible in a single central console, providing organizations with the real-time information they need in just a few clicks and saving technical managers weeks of intense work. In addition, with remote control, teams can share potential problems to address different issues, which has an impact on efficiency and accuracy.

Proactive maintenance and early detection

One of the most important benefits of remote monitoring is that it can be performed 24 hours a day and send an alert at any time so that irregularities in the network are addressed immediately. The most common irregularities and errors include: the disk space falls below a certain percentage of free space, the deactivation of Windows updates, the expiration of the antivirus software update and the deactivation of the Windows firewall. When a problem arises, the remote control sends an alert so that the technical administrators can immediately take the necessary measures to ensure that the problem does not translate into a decrease in productivity and downtime. Without remote control, a problem can go unnoticed for days or even weeks and become much more expensive and important problem.

Constant control and essential knowledge 

A remote control can provide organizations with essential knowledge to maintain the good state of their network and to know the areas that need improvement, saving the administrator countless hours and resulting in a quick solution to avoid costly downtime. In addition, since remote monitoring reviews the network 24 hours a day, organizations automatically receive information about all computer assets, such as patches, software updates, and hardware updates. The database is automatically renewed and important business applications are always monitored.

Reduction of incidents in the business  

No network is perfect and when a problem arises it must be addressed immediately and in the right way. Downtime can cost thousands of euros every day and make customers change their suppliers. With the remote control active day and night, companies can solve their network problems as soon as they arise, anytime and anywhere, and improve their customer service in general. While technological incidents can occur in several ways, it is clear that companies that have remote control can ensure that their networks are up to date, reducing work time and loss of productivity. While remote control can be applied to many industries of any size, it is a particularly effective solution for small and medium enterprises and for the general health and safety of their computer systems, ensuring that even the smallest problem is detected and corrected immediately.




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