What is Digital Marketing and Overview of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

 Digital Marketing

  Digital Marketing is the use of the Internet as a medium for marketing and communication. Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing runs completely online and has the ability to measure KPI very well.

Digital Marketing has three characteristics: the use of digital media, access to customers in the digital environment, interacting with customers.

What are the basic characteristics of Digital Marketing?

  • Digital Media = Traditional Media
  • Measurable (measurable)
  • Targetable (targeted to the right target customers)
  • Optimize able
  • Addressable (specify)
  • Interactively
  • Relevancy
  • Viral able (able to spread)
  • Accountable

Digital marketing is the implementation of product and service promotion activities, which use online distribution channels – a database is driven – to reach customers at the right time, personalized and affordable.

Digital marketing is the management and implementation of marketing activities, including the use of electronic media, such as website, email, wireless means combined with digital data on the characteristics and behavior of customers.Digital marketing

Tools of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is applied in many ways such as Speaker presentations (with slides), Affiliate Marketing, SEM, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Online advertising inserts used cases and Mobile Marketing.

List the main forms of digital marketing

  • Online advertising (Online advertising)
  • Email marketing (email marketing)
  • SEM – Search engine marketing (Paid listing, in Vietnam, is very popular with Google Adwords)
  • Online PR (PR Online)
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social Media

The weakness of Digital Marketing:

The Internet is growing strongly in the number of users, creating a huge potential for Digital Marketing and Marketers have taken advantage of the outstanding advantages of this tool. However, there is no denying that digital marketing has its drawbacks and weaknesses, which may include the following weaknesses:

We use the internet not to click on the ad banner, join games, visit microsite … We go to the internet to do just what we want and we have the right to refuse any ads. Compared to television, the higher the refusal on the internet. Compared to television, watching commercials is still a part of the purpose of watching television: entertainment, and so the 30s movie is still alive. Compared to the internet, what we are doing is not so close to what people are looking for on the internet: connecting, working, looking for information and so what we do like playing games, providing information, the viral clip is not too attractive.

It does not reach the mass of consumers. A strong brand is a well-known brand. And TVs or newspapers do better than digital campaigns. We create contests or facebook pages. The number of people involved or “like” is too small if compared to how many people know your ad on television. Digital campaigns are just an excuse for you to continue using publicity to promote.

The nature of digital advertising that many people think is that the main advantage is the cohesion. But engagement or engagement rather than engagement is a concept of bankruptcy. No one wants to engage with you, they have more relationships to associate with your brand. Why do they have to spend a lot of time with you when they have a lot of things to worry about? Brands are not important to them. They can only spend the 30s of entertainment for you.

Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a game where things change so fast. What today’s marketers are going to do their utmost to achieve, tomorrow may not have much meaning, when only overnight, a new algorithm, a new tool is changed or born. This does not mean that digital marketing is a purely technological, technical or tool-based field, but there is an undeniable truth: technology platforms, inventions, and innovations. plays a key role in promoting the growth and success of marketing in the digital age.

Forecasting the digital marketing trend is also becoming more difficult but not impossible and unreasonable. Digital marketing experts around the world have launched the trend in 2016, however, these trends are not always appropriate for the marketing environment.

We plan to introduce digital marketing in Vietnam based on the latest signs and changes.

  • Video and video content ads will thrive
  • Mobile became the main trend
  • Social Influencer Marketing is the most effective way
  • Invest in quality content
  • Pay-per-click advertising remains a big budget with the variety of Display Ads and the support of Programmatic
  • Automation MarketingReal interest in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

        The above is the trend of Digital Marketing in Vietnam in 2016 according to observations and practical advice for many large enterprises in Vietnam of Time Universal in the past. In the world, a number of other trends are being noticed such as Wearable Technology, or recently the CEO of Facebook posted a status saying that he, along with the technologists The world leader is sitting down and discussing a lot about Virtual Reality, which is considered to be a complete transformation of the user experience, bringing the user toward rich, diverse information and more fun. These trends are new to the rest of the world, and it depends a lot on the device, we think that in the year 2016, the Vietnamese market is just at the listening level.



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