Easy Ways To Facilitate Unknown Secret Of Web Design

Easy Ways To Facilitate Unknown Secret Of Web Design

Tips that will help you learn to program in a more productive way

Solve a real problem

Create a project with a simple application and add more complexity as you go. It does not have to be great, just do it. You will feel proud to have created something real, as well as to capture everything you have been learning over time.

In many cases, the codebook examples and tutorials we found are based on simple applications, far from real problems. Although it is a difficult task, start creating your own examples. Think of a real project and transfer the boring theory to a possible solution to a real problem.

Read good books and always take good programming practices.

To lay the foundations to be a good programmer, it is essential to learn about design patterns and good programming practices. For this, it is interesting to have reference books such as Clean Code. It is not as effective to know the syntax of a language to know how to program well. Beyond the fact that the code itself compiles, and even works, is the good organization of the code and its optimal implementation.

Choose the right technology

Reading a programming book as if it were about a novel does not help. Nor to see chapters of programming courses as if it were a television series. Both cases must be supported by touching code and little by little practicing what is being learned.

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Do not try to learn to program by reading or watching video simply

Take your time in choosing the language or technology that best suits the needs of your project. In general, good programmers are able to learn any language they need in a short space of time. It is fundamental to investigate the pros and cons of a certain technology that we want to use. Do not insist on following a fashion simply, perhaps after a while you realize that it did not work for your project.

Write and write code

Do not be afraid and go practicing writing code. Keep in mind a design and a previous analysis but do not be afraid to stand in front of the code editor and start creating your own functions. Turn it around and refactor until you feel proud of your code. The good code is the one that is nice to read and also does correctly for what is thought.

Make questions

There are many programming forums to raise our doubts. One of the most important is Stack Overflow. Create a profile and start looking for questions. If you do not find your doubt write it, surely someone is willing to lend a hand.

Dedicate all the time necessary to configure your programming environment

Each language usually has a characteristic programming environment, so it is necessary to know each of the tools and try to customize them to the maximum with plugins, color schemes, know the most important keyboard shortcuts, etc … The more comfortable you feel with your tools , better attention to your code.


There are many reasons building a website requires that we obtain the right tools and resources.we are all known about “practice make a man perfect”. So that way Speed of implementation comes with the right tools and practice, your site will definitely be a success. Good luck!


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