The essential Features of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is probably one of the most sophisticated mass media with great potential for medium-term evolution, because it focuses directly on the mobile devices of the users and preferably on their smartphone, then you know some of the most outstanding Mobile Marketing features known to date.Mobile marketing

Features of Mobile Marketing


The omnipresence of mobile devices has made them the most valued device of all time and in some way an extension of its owner, since without one it is in some isolated form of the world.


A mobile device is for the private use of your user and part of your identity at the same time that it is an intrinsic extension at the personal level and at the work level, making mobile marketing at this level implies that you will reach the person directly and not at the general level as many current mass media.


Mobile marketing campaigns are really easy to configure and program especially when it comes to SMS marketing, unlike E-mail Marketing campaigns that require preparing capture pages, confirmation page, an Email Marketing platform, design and configuration of messages, include images, etc.


The beauty and attractiveness of campaigns for mobile marketing are that they can have a worldwide reach and due to ubiquity this reach outperforms all the mass media combined around the world, the delivery of SMS marketing is even more guaranteed than the delivery of an Email.


Mobile Marketing campaigns are now more accessible to medium-sized and small entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, without focusing specifically on SMS Marketing; we can see that the price may decrease if the volume increases.


Similar to Email Marketing, with Mobile Marketing campaigns, you can personalize messages to each of your clients, partners or prospects with whom you wish to communicate, that is, of being a generic campaign that could be for anyone to become a campaign director for each person.

7.Target and Direct Approach

If you can customize your campaigns properly, people who see them can identify themselves so well with the information they think you know them very well and know what to offer, it’s like doing a specific campaign for each person on your list.

8.Casual Interactivity

It means that the mobile marketing company has the ability to reach users at any time and place, taking advantage of this dynamism to achieve smart marketing effects, for example a restaurant to make a promotion on a Friday afternoon from 5:00 pm to 9 : 00 pm and all the people in the area that are moving nearby could change their current course and deviate from the promotion sent by the restaurant and all in a casual and natural way without being forced to anyone.


Mobile Marketing has the excellent faculty to build long and lasting relationships since it can loyalty to current clients and attract new customers in an invasive way


The level of effectiveness of Mobile Marketing campaigns is highest than any current mass media since its actual monetization response index is greater than 15%.


Combining the small screens of Smartphone’s with SMS Marketing, they make communication campaigns with customers or potential customers simple and quick to read.


Location-based mobile marketing services provide proximity information as well as contextual information that can be used specifically to chat and loyalty to customers.

13.Accessible cost integration.

Technology, as well as mobile marketing strategies, complement the current means being used by the client and above all at low costs with respect to its closest competitors.


Currently, in some countries and niches of the market, mobile marketing is little developed and evolved, therefore it is a determining factor to use in certain areas of business and if there is no competition of this type it is much better, the novelty of application becomes a very solid loyalist element.


Microblogging social networking platforms, such as Twitter, users are becoming accustomed to preferring quick and short messages instead of long, boring emails that have a lot of text and really say little.


The great ease and speed with which SMS Marketing messages can be sent, shared and forwarded make it one of the simplest but powerful viral tools that currently exist in combination with social networks.


It is directly linked to the user’s direct reach, this means that while the user is connected to a network and any communication network that is used by mobile devices may be reached by mobile marketing, it is at this point where mobile marketing makes the difference almost with any traditional means of communication.

18.Double Way

Communication to mobile devices has the faculty of being in two ways, that is, people have the opportunity to respond to the mobile marketing of the company interactively.

The combination of Email Marketing.


Normally called Tracking, it is the technology for mobile marketing that allows to follow up and understand the behavior of the client according to the campaigns sent by the various means to their Smartphone and thus be able to determine in the best way a better laser target marketing, that is to say, Optimize more and more direct marketing to each client.


Complementing the previous point of tracking of each mobile marketing campaign can be analyzed according to downloads, visits, subscriptions, dropouts, rebounds and a wide variety of methods that allow the company to be more and more successful with what it offers and as it offers depending on your products or services.



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