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I talk about finding ideas for new blog posts. The main thing is to work on generating ideas and preparing the material on a regular basis.


  1. Internal blog search

With search queries that people write on your web page, you can find new interesting topics to talk about in your publications.

For analysis, we need Google Analytics and some settings.

How to set up internal search tracking
  1. Go to Google Analytics.
  2. We go to the section “ADMINISTRATOR”
  3. In the third column of the “Views”, select the desired presentation, if you have not one.
  4. Below, we’ll open the “View settings” setting.
  5. At the bottom, there will be a “Site Search Tracking” and an “Enable” radio button.

Most often it is the letter “s”. To find this option, go to your blog and internal search (I hope that this option is on the blog.This is important – to enable the user to quickly find what interests him, and not to view hundreds of old posts), type a word and press “Search”.

  1. Consider the 10 most popular publications

It’s enough to simply find them in Google Analytics, analyze and record new ideas for similar topics. I wrote about two approaches to finding the most interesting blog posts in section 6 (about a different approach to the topic).


  1. Make a “great cleaning” on the blog

This case took a year ago and over a month I have reviewed about 150 publications of my blog.

  • images of the same width, with signatures and prescribed values of Alt.
  • switching between publications.
  • some parts copied or supplemented.
  • From an experienced point of view, they did not see their value, and the Google Analytics counter was showing sad results.
  • verified whether external links lead to existing pages.

Of course, these are just the main things that I saw in the publications.

  1. Updates and updates of old publications

Consider new techniques, ideas and add your own experience. Such material will definitely become more interesting and valuable.

  1. Collected publications

It is always worthwhile collecting links in the new post to blog posts on similar topics. For example, “10 most important things for SEO optimization of a blog” if each of these 10 items is a separate article.

  1. Questions from web pages of similar topics

It’s easy to find things in the comments that interest users. Then write them down to ourselves, group them on similar topics and compile possible topics for future blog posts. 

  1. Question and Answer Web Pages

The main thing is that the search for ideas does not matter. On the contrary, it expands the boundaries of possible options.

  1. Ask your readers

This is the easiest way to use it right away. Comments on the blog, on their own pages of social networks or groups, will always throw up new ideas.

Looking for inspiration

These ways to find ideas will not be straightforward as specific user questions. But with their help, you can think of something completely new, creative and unexpected.

  1. Reading books

Whatever the book, she is always able to give a new idea. Things that they write about, even completely distant from the topics of the blog, help to look at everything from a different perspective. That’s what generates new topics.

  1. Preservation of interesting publications

Very often random articles generate inspiration and new ideas. The main thing is not to forget about them, but save yourself and at the right time to use.

  1. E-mail subscriptions to web pages of similar topics

This is also the way we do not look for special ideas. But the interesting material that has accidentally fallen into our field of vision may give inspiration for future publication.

  1. Interview

It’s just that we know so little about each other and we do not have to ask people about their livelihood. Talk within the topics of your blog: ask for tips, solutions, and ways.

  1. Brainstorming

Nobody cancels this technique, even if you do it yourself, without a team. Throw in ideas that only come to mind. The bigger the better. And the next day – start filtering and pondering them.

  1. Daily generation of ideas

To train your creativity, one should accustom yourself to generating new ideas on a given topic every day.

  1. Automatic generator of ideas

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