Services Management of Network Systems


Services Management

Service management is integrated into the management of the supply chain as a union between sales and the customer. The goal is to optimize service-focused supply chains, which are more complex than those focused on products. Most service-focused supply chains require larger inventories and better integration with the products of other companies.


According to what is stated in the Practical Guide for Service Management, the awareness that services are increasingly important for the business has led to the introduction of service management which is aimed at providing data for decision making from a process perspective, and provide professional implementation with well-defined responsibilities. A prerequisite for organizations is the unconditional willingness of both management and staff to focus on the client and the service. The introduction of an effective service management makes it necessary to focus less on functions and components and more on a focus guided by business processes.

Services Management of Network Systems

The service Management of Network and Systems allows you to ensure the maximum availability through a solution of fast implementation, simple and totally customizable according to the needs of the moment.

The great boom that is currently having the use of Information Technology in companies, as a means to obtain better results, has led to a high level of complexity for them. For most companies the availability of their communications network and systems is a critical element for the business.

flexible and scalable range of Remote Network Management Services and Systems that will help you optimize your current infrastructure. Among our services you will find: monitoring, performance, incidents, changes, configuration and security.

We support multifactor network electronics (routers, switches, hubs, servers, firewalls, etc.) and technologies such as Voice over IP, Virtual Private Networks and SNMP manageable devices, to help you keep your network nodes operational and your business competitive.

We manage and manage different types of systems such as Microsoft, Linux, SAP and Oracle, among others.

The service entails the transfer of management responsibilities of your company to apser, so that you continue to receive detailed information that allows you to control the current situation of your systems.


1.Customer Support Interlocution with the client, which combines the management of incidents with the preparation of reports.

2. Maintenance Including software distribution, preventive maintenance, system tuning, analysis of repetitive incidents and backup copies.

3. Supervision and network managementIncluding monitoring, alarm management, incident solutions, service modification and installed plant control.Installation of network equipment

4. Including both equipment tests and facilities supervision.Monthly or customized reportsIn which the following information is collected: connections in service, registered incidents, actual availability, average duration of incidents, incidents percentage, claims, breakdowns and incommunicado, average time incidents, evolution of service levels.

5. Technical adviceIn relation to the analysis of the state of your network, collaboration in engineering studies, as well as making proposals for improvements in network and management.

6. Regain control and simplify your management

Rapid adaptation of communication and systems management needs to adapt to the new requirements of your business.

Reduction of the implantation cycles. ·

Efficiency in the management and increase of network environments.·

Increase control of the real state of your infrastructure.·

It guarantees the security of the network in critical applications of the same.·

We collaborate with you to achieve your business objectives.·

Fast and simple implementation, by means of a solution packaged by functionalities and nodes.


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